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Damage Repair Hair Mask

Damage Repair Hair Mask

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Our Damage Repair Hair Mask is just what your hair needs! This powerful formula softens and smooths hair while relieving scalp dryness. Our Damage Repair Hair Mask combines a trio of natural ingredients - tea tree, turmeric, and coconut oil - to create a nourishing hair treatment that helps repair damaged locks. Tea tree has antioxidant properties that soothe the scalp and reduce inflammation, while turmeric is packed with vitamins and minerals that help hydrate and improve frizz. And of course, coconut oil hydrates, repairs damage from environmental stressors, and increases keratin levels for stronger hair. With these three powerhouse ingredients combined in one product, your damaged locks will undergo a transformative healing process. Our Damage Repair Hair Mask is everything you need for softer and healthier looking hair that’s far more manageable!

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