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Retro Plant Carpet For Sofa and Living Room

Retro Plant Carpet For Sofa and Living Room

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Get ready to add a stylish touch of nostalgia to your space with the Retro Plant Carpet For Sofa and Living Room. This gorgeous carpet, crafted from 45% cotton, 45% polyester and 10% adhesive fiber, offers an intoxicating combination of traditional weaving, HD printing and reinforcement. It boasts a luxurious weight per-square meter of 1050 to 1150 grams, giving it a thick feel that’s bound to wow anyone who steps inside. Plus, thanks to its two folds it becomes a breeze for you to maintain and transport anywhere you like – making it ideal for any setting! What’s more is that the colors won’t fade away anytime soon thanks to its environmental ink which can pass AZO testing and offer color-fastness up to 3! Pick this carpet up today and bring some classic styling back into your home.

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